Dubai Mall free parking time plus NEW! Parking costs

by Danni B

From the 1st July 2024 Dubai Mall are introducing parking costs for Dubai Mall’s main car parks. Here are all the details you need to know from a long time Dubai resident and frequent visitor.

Dubai Mall free parking time

Dubai mall currently offers free parking all day however after the 1st July 2024 it will offer free parking for up to 4 hours in the weekday and for up to 6 hours during the weekend.

How much will parking at Dubai Mall cost?

Sign inside Dubai Mall for Cinema Parking

Weekday parking rates

These rates will apply to Grand, Cinema & Fashion Parking. Excluding Zabeel Parking and Fountain View.

Parking hoursParking charge
4-520 AED
5-660 AED
6-780 AED
7-8100 AED
8 – 12200 AED
12 – 24500 AED
Over 24 hours1000 AED

Weekend parking rates

Parking hoursParking charge
6-780 AED
7-8100 AED
8 – 12200 AED
12 – 24500 AED
Over 24 hours1000 AED

As you can see from the pricing, the higher rates for over 8 hours are to discourage people leaving their car in the car park longer and overnight.

Previously it’s been difficult to find parking on lower levels, this should hopefully make it easier to find parking.

Valet parking in Dubai Mall will be in addition to the above fees.

Who is excluded from Dubai Mall parking fees?

The following are excluded:

  • People of determination
  • Ambulances
  • Police
  • Emergency services

In order to qualify as exempt, you must be registered via the Salik platform as exempt.

How do you pay for Dubai Mall Parking?

These will be paid for using Dubai’s existing toll system called Salik, meaning it is fully automated and will require a sufficient Salik balance on your account.

Currently with Salik if you have insufficient balance and you don’t top up within 5 days then you’ll receive a 50 AED fine, so it is likely to follow the same system however it isn’t yet confirmed.

There is no cash option to pay for parking and you’ll need to have set up Salik regardless if you’re car is a Dubai, UAE or none UAE vehicle.

You can also get a free Salik tag if you have an electric vehicle.

What are the alternatives to Dubai Mall Parking?

Dubai Mall floors and sign with matching parking levels

Dubai Mall mall is well connected to Dubai’s public transport system with a fully air conditioned tunnel connected the metro and several buses that drop you off at Dubai Mall.

You can also use a hop-on and hop-off tour bus in Dubai as both routes connect at Dubai Mall.

There’s also a few different hotels that are connected to Dubai Mall, with these you can valet park for free if you spend within the hotel or are staying there. Typically it is a minimum spend of 200 AED but sometimes I’ve spent less and they’ve still stamped the valet ticket for me.

There’s also Souk Al Bahar which operates on a token system and has 2 hours free parking or 4 hours if one of the restaurants inside validate your parking.

Final thoughts on Dubai Mall Parking Fees

This is positive for Dubai Mall is it means cars can’t park there all day anyone and take up parking at peak times. For anyone who’s visited during the evening, you’ll frequently spent hours searching for a space if you wanted the most convenient floors.

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