How many floors is Burj Khalifa? Facts about Burj Khalifa

by Danni B
View of Burj Khalifa from Burj Lake with a pure blue sky

Thinking to visit the Burj Khalifa or just want to know some interesting facts about the world’s largest building? You’re in the right place!

Do you know how the Burj Khalifa got its name? Originally the Burj Khalifa was going to be called Burj Dubai but was changed to the Burj Khalifa after the UAE ruler and announced when it opened.

Reportedly this was due to the investment Abu Dhabi had made into Dubai after the 2008 global recession.

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How many floors in Burj Khalifa?

The Burj Khalifa has 160 usable floors with an additional 3 floors that are unusable for a total of 163 floors. The floors are a mixture of retail space, restaurants, health clubs, hotel accommodation, private residences and offices.

Burj Khalifa Facts

  • The Burj Khalifa opened on 4th January 2010
  • Construction started in January 2004 for a total of 6 years
  • It is the World’s Tallest freestanding structure at 828m (2,716 ft)
  • It also holds the title of the highest occupied floor, highest building, highest number of stories, elevator with the longest travel distance and tallest service elevator in the world
  • Along with the highest outdoor observation deck in the world
  • It cost $1.5 million USD to build
  • The building is multifunctional, containing a hotel, dining, offices and private residences.
  • The height of the tower was kept a secret until the building was finished
  • The very highest floors of the Burj Khalifa aren’t usable
  • Bill Baker was the engineer behind the Burj Khalifa in order to create a building this tall that was not only structurally sound but could withstand the climate and sandstorms of Dubai
  • The architect who designed the building was Adrian Smith while working at Skidmore Owings & Merrill
  • The building is inspired by the ‘Spider Lily’ which is native to the desert
  • It is owned by Emaar Properties

Will the Burj Khalifa stay the world’s tallest building?

Saudi Arabia has a tower planned called ‘Jeddah Tower,’ previously ‘Kingdom Tower’ in order to beat the height of the Burj Khalifa by 180m (591 ft) but currently construction is halted on this project. This would make it a total of 1008m (3,307 ft)

Dubai announced it’s own plans to beat its own world record by building ‘Dubai Creek Tower’ but haven’t released officially what its height would be. This building is also currently on hold and has been since 2018

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