World Hijab Day; 10 reasons why women wear the hijab

by Danni B
A woman putting a hijab on for World Hijab Day

Since it’s World Hijab Day today on the 1st February, here is an explanation of why women to wear the hijab. You might be surprised by some of the reasons women choose to wear hijab and what wearing hijab means to them. Hopefully, even if you don’t wear hijab yourself or are perhaps thinking to wear it. This article will help explain some of the benefits felt by those who do.

It’s not just Muslim women who wear hijab, Christian women and Jewish women also wear different forms of hair coverings too. This is why Nuns and other women who dedicate themselves to God choose to wear hijab. Here is a quote taken from the bible:

Rebekah also looked up and saw Isaac. She got down from her camel
“Who is that man in the field coming to meet us?”
“He is my master,” the servant answered. So she took her veil and covered herself

Genesis 24:64

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Please note, everyone can feel differently about why they wear hijab and this list isn’t mean to speak for all hijabis or express all their views. These are just some of the reasons I have been given by a mix of different hijabi women for why they personally choose to wear hijab.

Hijab is a choice and even without hijab, you are still able to do many things on this list but this is how women feel hijab helps them both personally and how to better achieve their goals. So let’s celebrate World Hijab Day!

What does hijab mean?

So I just wanted to first explain a little about what hijab means in Islam. Hijab in its modern meaning has become to mean the material a woman uses to wrap and cover her hair.

However, in Arabic, it actually means a barrier and has a far deeper meaning. As it represents the barrier between us and the opposite sex. For the purpose of the article, we will keep things simple by using the modern definition.

Why World Hijab Day?

Founded in 2013 by Namza Kahn and celebrated every 1st February. World Hijab Day celebrates and recognises the many Muslim women around the world who choose to wear hijab.

Namza who is a resident from New York in the United States came up with the idea in order to help others understand more about hijab and build religious tolerance by inviting no hijabi women to wear hijab for one day. While also opening up conversations about why women wear hijab.

For more information on World Hijab Day, visit their website here.

So now let’s get to why women wear the hijab!

To be closer to God

Wearing a hijab is not merely a piece of cloth and it can be hard to put the feeling into words. Wearing the hjiab gives a spiritual high that makes the wearer feel closer to God. Just like someone may feel closer to God by wearing a cross. Hijab can very much act in the same way.

For modesty

This is the most commonly looked at but it isn’t the sole reason. Yes, women wear it to cover the beauty of their hair which in turns helps to reduce the temptation of others. Yet it is up to both sexes to dress and act modestly.

A woman’s hair is seen as her crown and hijab is only one piece of modesty. Other parts include wearing modest clothes that do not show the shape of the body. Wearing clothes that cover the arms, legs and chest. Plus acting in a way that creates a barrier between you and the opposite sex.

By choosing to cover our hair and our bodies we are actually fighting against the ego of the self wanting to be appreciated for our beauty.

Feminism & female empowerment

In a world where a woman’s beauty is sold as a commodity, used to sell everything from burgers to cars. Choosing to cover yourself is an act of rebellion. Many women choose to wear the hijab as an act of empowerment and taking back control of who they share their beauty with.

On top of this is choosing for them to not be known for their beauty but instead for the person they are behind this. Making our character and qualities the focus, rather than our sexual attractiveness.

Obeying a command from God

Hijab is a command we are given so in the purest form we are simply obeying a command from God. When we go against a command from God, we could be incurring a sin and the vast majority feel this is a mandatory commandment from God.

To keep our faith stronger

All of these elements combine together to help keep our faith stronger. On top of this hijab is a physical reminder of upholding the right character and behaviour. We know that people will be able to see we are Muslim and thus we have to be the best version of ourselves as we represent the wider Muslim community.

Feeling protected

The hijab is an external symbol to all men we are a woman of faith and thus we will hold ourselves to the account of our faith. It shows to men we take our faith seriously and we are not a woman to be chatted up. Of course, the behaviour has the back this up also but the hijab is a statement without words.


When going about your daily life, we also need to pray our daily prayers and already being in clothes that are ready for us to pray can make it so much easier. A hijab is necessary for a woman to pray. So wearing hijab in everyday life makes it easier when we do need to pray.

Have an external declaration of faith

For some, they like to have an external way to let the world know they are Muslim and have a visible declaration of faith. It’s a way to be proud of being Muslim and to set a good example to others of what a Muslim is.


Some women just have more confidence wearing hijab and being a proud Muslim. Just like someone women feel their best wearing their favourite lipstick or favourite dress. Some women just feel more confident wearing their hijab. Fearless and ready to take on the world!


Some women just feel more comfortable wearing a hijab. Once you get used to wearing a hijab, it actually feels weird to not wear it. With all the other reasons combined, there is just a sense of being more comfortable wearing hijab and all the reasons it stands for.

I hope this helps explain some of the reasons why women wear hijab and helped to give you a little bit more of an understanding of the meaning behind the hijab. Worn not only in the Middle East but globally by Muslim women around the world. Happy World Hijab Day! Plus a special thanks to all the women who helped with their answers!

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