20 super cool things to keep the kids entertained at Expo 2020 Dubai

by Sneha Sharma

As the residents of Dubai, we’ve been waiting for Dubai Expo 2020 since the time it was announced in 2013. But as the pandemic hit and the entire world came under lockdown, we were disappointed. The plans for opening of Expo 2020 came to a halt. However, as Expo 2020 now opens its doors in 2021 to the world, we are rejoicing! It has something for everyone, including our little ones. Here you can read how kids can have a blast at the Expo 2020.

The “Greatest Show on the Planet” finally commenced in Dubai on October 1, 2021. Dubai Expo 2020 dates are scheduled to continue for six months until March 31, 2022. Over 190 countries gather to engage and collaborate and share new ideas and inventions.

This event is not only for entrepreneurs or business owners but also caters to the entire family. With more than 70 events every day, there is something in store for people of all age groups. If you are visiting the Dubai Expo with kids, here is a list of attractions that will keep your little ones on their toes.

*Expo Dubai has now finished, check out some of these other options of things to do via Get Your Guide in and around Dubai! The site is being converted and will update with more details once it’s ready.

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What is the purpose of Dubai Expo 2020?

In general, World Expo’s are created in order to raise public awareness around various topics, share new advancements, create networking opportunities between nations and help push forward advancement. For Dubai 2020 World Expo, 192 different nations have created different pavilions in order to highlight to their latest and greatest achievements.

The Dubai Expo 2020 has 3 main themes; Sustainability, mobility and opportunity. It’s slogan for this year is “Connecting minds and creating the future.”

How often is Dubai World Expo?

The global expo is held every 5 years in different cities across the world. It is an international expo which allows all different countries to present their ideas to the world. Along with show casing their local products, services and achievements.

The World Exposition first started in 1851 and was held in London, called “The Great Exhibition” and became what we see today. However they weren’t the very first to have a “World’s Fair,” this was in Prague in 1791.

What are the Expo 2020 timings?

Expo Dubai 2020 is open 7 days a week with the following timings:

  • Saturday to Wednesday: 10am till Midnight
  • Friday & Thursday: 10am till 2am

How do I buy Expo 2020 Dubai tickets?

You can choose to buy them in-person on site or online. However it’s best to buy them online so you can avoid queues for the ticket office.

I highly recommend one of these below packages from Get Your Guide as you can include a transfer or buy a private transfer. Parking can be far away from the main gate. So why not enjoy a ride in style and get dropped off right at the entrance!

Dubai expo has now finished, check out some of these other options of things to do via Get Your Guide in and around Dubai!

What is Dubai Expo 2021 tickets price?

There are various ticket options and prices depending on if you wish to visit for a single day or buy a season pass. Starting from 95 AED ($26 USD) for a day pass to 1750 AED ($500 USD) for the Premium Experience.

If you’re planning to go for 1 day, I recommend the standard day ticket from Get Your Guide also includes 10 smart queue bookings passes. You’ll need the Dubai Expo App to use the Smart Queue system.

Senior Citizens (Over 60): Free

Children (Under 18): Free

People of Determination (Disabled): Free

*Please bear in mind that despite children and senior citizens being free you still need to register them for a ticket.

Are there any requirements to enter Dubai World Expo 2020?

Yes, there are some Covid requirements in order to enter Dubai 2020 World Expo.

These are the following:

  • Negative PCR test within 72 hours OR
  • Proof of vaccination (two doses)
  • Mask

Social distancing is also in place at Dubai 2020 World Expo.

Insider Tip – There is free PCR testing on site

20 activities to do with the kids at expo 2020

  • Mister Scrap’s Scrapyard Idol Mascot Show has a digital theatre, stage shows, concerts, dance routines, and music. You can create your virtual avatar in the interactive booths and have an amazing time.
  • More than 150 robots will perform various tasks such as greeting you, clicking pictures, doing chores, and providing food and beverages. See your kids have a fun time interacting with them all around Dubai Expo.
  • Head to Rashid’s Playground at Jubilee Park and get a glimpse into the fascinating aquatic world. This ocean-themed adventure consists of ocean liners, whale slides, sharks on springs, and an interactive 3D maze modeled on the humpback whale.
  • Learn more about Mars – Kids get an excellent opportunity to explore the red planet and know everything about UAE’s space mission in 2021. They can also climb on the nets and jump on trampolines in this Mars-inspired playground.
  • Watch the Expo Mascot show as Rashid and Latifa restore the planet’s beauty, fight Mr. Scrap, and find Salama’s stolen secrets.
  • Say Hello to cute robotic penguins at the Monaco Pavilion. Your kids can help a baby penguin get back to safety from the dangers of the Arctic while also understanding penguin behavior.
  • Travel around the world on a classic Venetian carousel featuring hand-painted images of earlier World Expos.
  • Stand in front of Hazza Al Mansouri’s spacesuit and have your faces projected onto his helmet in the Mobility Pavilion.
  • At the Terra – Sustainability Pavilion, check out the wonders of the natural world and help in fighting climate change.
  • Hop on board the Expo Explorer – a train that looks like a regular locomotive but runs on compressed air and embarks on a sightseeing journey.
  • Kids can learn about the beauty of nature at the Belarus Pavilion in the Opportunity District. It takes you on a forest experience through the “Tree of Mind” installation, and you can also enjoy live performances by various dance groups.
  • The Colors of the World parade at Ghaf Avenue celebrates the national day to have a unique cultural fusion experience.
  • Visit the Garden in the Sky, an observation deck 55 meters above the ground, and enjoy spectacular views of the entire venue.
  • Visit the Monaco Pavilion, where a multisensory mirrored exhibition awaits you. You will be overjoyed to see art projections, light sculptures, and installations every night that will leave you speechless.
  • Take a ride in a horizontal elevator that is rope less and uses magnetic technology. Its best feature is that it not only moves up and down like a traditional lift but also side to side.
  • Read stories from Around the World, a mix of folktales and children’s stories that celebrate the human spirit and the many wonders of planet Earth.
  • Witness indoor rainfall created with technology and solar power at the Netherlands Pavilion.
  • At the Plus Pavilion, learn about the history of potato chips and their exciting journey over the years. This is a collaboration between Lays and Pepsi, and you can also learn about the recycling process of every packet. This will be a wonderful learning experience for the kids about their favorite snack.
  • Travel to the future with the help of a time machine in the Egypt Pavilion and discover the secrets of time travel.
  • Expo also has four educational visits, including The Universe in Motion, The Sustainable Planet, The World of Opportunities, and The Legacy of the UAE. It is an ideal school program for kids to learn about making our planet a better place to live.


The best part is children under 18 years, and students who can show a valid student ID card will get free unlimited access during the entire expo duration of six months. It is a fantastic opportunity for kids to learn through workshops, activities, and interactive exhibits.

Expo has now finished, check out some of these other options of things to do via Get Your Guide in and around Dubai!

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