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8 things you only say in Dubai

by Danni B

When people tell you Dubai is a unique place, they’re not lying! Here are a list of 8 top things you will frequently say or hear only in Dubai! And why Dubai is quite possibly the best place to live in the world!

1) Oh yeah, the metro. I’ve lived here for years but I’ve never been on it.

Although the metro is clean, modern and convenient it can be a little slower than a car due to the design of Dubai’s roads (except peak hours or after an accident when the Sheikh Zayed Road can be bumper to bumper traffic) and also in some locations there are large distances between stops which can meaning walking. So if you’re wearing heels or it’s summer time, this just isn’t going to work!

Additionally, Dubai’s low petrol prices has resulted in it becoming a city dominated by cars and taxis are cheap so it’s not uncommon for residents to use taxis instead of any form of public transportation.

2) I can’t wait for winter!

Unlike the rest of the world who count down their days to summer, summer is unbearably hot here and so the 3 months of Summer are the months you count down until you can actually spend time outside again! However we get to enjoy the other 9 months of the year gloating about how nice the weather is.

3) Would you like to go to the world’s largest mall, building or aquarium?

Some countries try to have just one of the largest but Dubai decided it wanted the largest of everything! On top of this they also frequently attempt the largest firework shows or largest amount of people doing yoga all at once because why not? Only in Dubai!

4) I’ve lived here for years but I don’t speak a word of Arabic.

It’s not uncommon to find store clerks or restaurant staff who do not speak a word of Arabic and if you tried to speak only Arabic here, you’d actually struggle to get by despite it being the locals native language. This is because the country is more expatriates than it is locals and as a huge tourist destination, it’s become easier for everyone to speak English. A little sad but true! But means you can settle in very quickly and easily, plus people get so surprised when you do speak some Arabic!

5) I’ll just leave my handbag here while I go the bathroom.

Only in Dubai can leave your phone, your wallet or your handbag on the table and wander off without any worry that someone will take it or go through it. If you accidentally leave something behind, you can go back and it will still be there or a friendly store clerk will hand it back to you. Thanks to police and the fact most people are happy living here, the crime rates are very low.

6) I work for the police and I drove a Bugatti Veyron the other day.

The UAE is the only country in the world where a $4 million car is part of your fleet. Flashy? Yes. Totally Dubai! Of course!

7) I’m not sure I remember how to do most things for myself anymore.

There’s people to pack your shopping, guys to fill up your car engine with gas, people to put air in your tires and valets to park your car for you while you walk straight into the restaurant. If doing as little as humanly possible is your thing, then only in Dubai can you make that dream possible. Before you know it, simple every day tasks seem like an effort to do yourself. You go back home and find yourself saying; “Where is the guy who will carry my suitcase for me? Why did no one open my car door for me? But it’s cold and I don’t want to get out my car and fill up! Wait, I have to do THAT myself?”

You might find it weird at first but you’ll quickly become accustomed and then never be able to live anywhere else ever again!

8) Was that building there yesterday?

Only in Dubai would a building, road or bridge seem to complete over night and you wake up to a whole new place in the morning. Leaving you wondering if you’re crazy or just haven’t been paying attention! Dubai manages to build everything in record time.

So these are just some of the reasons why we love living here! What do you say only in Dubai that you don’t say anywhere else in the world?

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