The TRUTH about visiting Butterfly Garden in Dubai

by Danni B
Large cartoon butterfly as you walk into the entrance of Dubai Butterfly Garden to welcome visitors with a few people waiting outside

Thinking about visiting Dubai Butterfly Garden? This guide explain everything you need to know about visiting the Butterfly Garden in Dubai and what to expect.

I visited Dubai Butterfly Garden with my young daughter and have lived in Dubai since 2013. I created my website to give you all the inside information as a long-term resident.

Plus, I’ll answer if it’s worth visiting!

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Dubai Butterfly Garden Introduction

Entrance to the beginning of Dubai Butterfly Garden after the ticket gate with arches made of greenery and the Dubai Butterfly Garden sign

The Butterfly Garden in Dubai is one of the world’s largest covered butterfly gardens and is a family-friendly day out in Dubai. The attraction is also an eco-friendly park and home to over 15,000 butterflies with 15 different species.

It is also the region’s first indoor butterfly garden!

Insider tip – If you’re planning to visit several attractions, I highly recommend using the iVenture 7 Day Flexi Pass. Just make sure to check if an attraction needs to be booked in advance, as some require this for entry.

Dubai Butterfly Garden Location

It’s located towards the back of Dubai in Dubailand, close to Motor City and Arjan. To get there, you’ll take the E63 road either from the E44 or E311 road. Following the signs for Dubai Miracle Garden.

Dubai Miracle Garden is next door and easily walkable. As parking is limited for Dubai Butterfly Garden, it’s best to park at Dubai Miracle Garden, visit there first, and then walk to the Butterfly Garden.

Getting to Dubai Butterfly Garden

There isn’t any public transport that will take you to Dubai Butterfly Garden, so you’ll either need to hire a car, get a taxi or take a tour that includes a private transfer from your hotel.

This tour is great for those who want to see both Dubai Miracle Garden and Dubai Butterfly Garden without hiring a car; the only downside is that if there are many people on the tour, the picking up process can take a long time. This leaves you with less time to spend in the gardens.

“The Miracle Garden is worth seeing, everything is very lovingly designed and maintained. You can find seating everywhere to take in the flowers. However, the traders in the outer ring, who are a bit pushy, are annoying. The Butterfly World turned out to be quite clear, the high humidity was sometimes challenging. The building itself looked a bit run down in places. The execution of the tour was great. We were picked up from the hotel on time and our driver Rahim was very attentive, friendly and helpful – a pleasure to talk to. All in all a nice afternoon.”

Karin (Read more reviews)

Areas inside Butterfly Garden

These are the activities available inside Dubai Butterfly Garden:

  • Butterfly Museum & Gallery
  • 4 indoor dome sections with gardens and walkways
  • Butterfly hatching displays
  • Interact with butterflies area
  • Water feature area with seating
  • Cafe with light bites
  • Outdoor garden with snack shop
  • Children’s activity area (face painting etc)
  • Cinema
  • Gift shop

Butterfly Museum & Art Gallery

As you enter, you will find a small museum with different species of butterflies on display and artwork made from butterflies in glass cases.

Indoor dome butterfly gardens

These are the main attractions, made up of different sections where you can wander around the pathways with butterflies flying around you and different butterflies sitting plants.

It’s also where the displays are, such as the different butterflies hatching and where you can sit in an enclosure for a butterfly to sit on you. The staff help with the butterflies by using a stick to take butterflies from the top and placing them on you.

You usually have to wait for people to leave the seating area and then you can go in and request the staff to help you. I found them helpful and pleasant to deal with.

There’s also an area where there is a water feature with seating, so you can choose sit and relax more in this area. However seating is limited so you may need to wait for a seat to be available.


There’s a free cinema with a large amount of seating at the end or you can turn right through the gift shop and decide to go there first if you prefer. When I went the film was in Arabic.

Food options at Dubai Butterfly Garden

Food options are very limited, you’ll find a coffee shop serving Starbucks coffee that has small desserts and juices. There’s also an outdoor garden area that has a small snack shop serving pop corn, crisps and soft drinks.

Again, seating is limited, but there are a few tables and chairs. You could also sit on the astroturf grass if you bought a blanket with you.

On the map, there did seem to be an additional outdoor area and gardens; however, while we were there, it was closed off.

Children’s activities area

There’s an area with benches where children can engage in different activities, such as face painting and drawing.

Souvenir shop

The shop is actually quite large, and there are even traditional Arabic clothes.

Dubai Butterfly Garden Map

Be aware that this map does make the Butterfly Garden look larger than it is, these areas are all close together.

Map with numbers of Dubai Butterfly Garden
Number codes for the Dubai Butterfly Garden map so you can know what's where inside

Commonly asked questions about Butterfly Garden Dubai

When is the best time to visit Dubai Butterfly Garden?

Dubai’s butterfly garden is climate-controlled, so it’s possible to visit all year round – even in Dubai’s summer when it gets very hot! However, since it’s close to Miracle Garden and has outdoor elements, the best time of year to visit is between November and March. In terms of daily timings, I’d recommend going in the morning when it’s less busy and you can enjoy the cooler temperatures.

For more information on Dubai’s climate, check out my previous article.

How much is the Dubai Butterfly Garden ticket price?

The Dubai Butterfly Garden ticket price varies depending on the type of ticket you are purchasing. The standard ticket price is AED 55 for adults and children. It is free for children under three and disabled visitors. Also available are group promo packages. For groups of four or more people, you can get a Dubai Butterfly Garden offer of 1 or 2 tickets free, meaning you get in for as little as 165 AED for a family of 4.

Is it worth visiting the Dubai Butterfly Garden?

In all honesty, I wouldn’t go out of my way to visit Dubai Butterfly Garden on its own. It’s best to visit it combined with Dubai Miracle Garden, and it’s most recommended for those with children.

As a solo adult, there are much better attractions in Dubai.

It’s a little bit far out from the rest of Dubai, located close to Motor City and Arjan.

What is the Dubai Butterfly Garden timing?

Dubai Butterfly Garden is open year-round and daily from 9am till 6pm. Offering a unique opportunity to see butterflies in temperature-controlled domes. Timings are subject to change during public holidays.

Getting there in the morning and early is the best time to avoid the crowds and don’t forget to dress comfortably for both the humidity and walking around.

Is The Dubai Butterfly Garden wheelchair accessible?

Butterfly Garden Dubai is wheelchair-friendly. The gardens are designed to be accessible by wheelchair, and nearly everything is on one level. They also have a service dedicated to assisting wheelchair users if needed.

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Final thoughts

If you are looking for a place to spend a few hours and see butterflies up close, Butterfly Garden Dubai is a great choice. Especially if you have young children and are planning to combine it with Miracle Garden.

It is a nice and relaxing experience with butterflies fluttering around you as you wander.

If you’re a solo traveller, it can be a nice experience, but I wouldn’t recommend travelling out of your way for the Butterfly Garden alone unless you wanted to visit Miracle Garden. In which case, it doesn’t hurt to do it at the same time.

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