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9 of the tastiest buffet in Dubai restaurants!

by Danni B
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It can be hard pleasing everyone when you go out for a meal and selecting from all the great buffet in Dubai restaurants can also be difficult! But not to worry, Danni in the Desert is here to help you out! Here’s my list of all the best buffets in Dubai for every member in your family, yes even the annoying ones!

I just love starters and desserts which makes going to a buffet a great option because not only do you enjoy tasting a little bit of everything but there’s no waiter asking you, “You don’t want a main madam?” Surely it can’t only be me that would rather skip a main meal and have starters and desserts instead? Anyways, lets get to the list!

*Prices are correct at the time of writing but are subject to change, so make sure to check before you book!

Here’s the quick version of our list, click the restaurant you want to know more about:

  1. Al Daawar
  2. BarBQ Tonight
  3. Kaleidoscope
  4. Saffron
  5. The Talk
  6. Feast
  7. Kitchen 6
  8. Spice Island
  9. Yalumba

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1. Al Daawar Revolving Restaurant

It’s rare I get impressed by a buffet restaurant as I’m more of an al a carte person myself but Al Daawar is definitely one of my favourites! Plus the staff are super lovely, my only downside of this restaurant is that the drinks are a little on the pricier side.

Situated at Hyatt Regency in Deira, Al Dawaar Revolving Restaurant is one of the best buffet restaurants offering for breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets. The breakfast buffet consists of an omelette station, baked pastries, Arabic coffee and more.

If you go for lunch or dinner buffets, you can experience finger-licking cuisines ranging from Mediterranean and Japanese to Middle-eastern dishes. They really have a good mix of dishes to choose from!

The restaurant offers a 360-degree view of the city while you enjoy your delicious meal since the restaurant actually rotates! This unique combination has made them one of the best buffets in Dubai. This buffet also tends to be a little bit quieter than some of the others on the list, so if want a less crowded option here is great!

Key information:

Style: Mixed International, Arabic, Indian & Mediterranian
Dress code: Smart casual

Hours: 6:30 pm till 11:30 pm

Tel: +971 4 209 6912
Website: Al Dawaar Revolving Restaurant

Location: Hyatt Regency, Deira

Price: 229 AED per person

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2. BarBQ Tonight

This one actually holds a special memory for me as it was one of the first restaurants I ever went to back in 2013 when I moved to Dubai! There’s a reason that it’s been around so long and that’s because it’s a popular classic with great food. It’s also one of the cheapest buffets in Dubai!

Offering Pakistani food which is very similar to Indian food, you’ll definitely be stuffing yourself until you struggle to move. I especially enjoyed their desserts. Pakistani and Indian desserts are very sweet, usually with lots of syrup!

Key information:

Style: Pakistani / Indian
Dress code: Casual

Mon – Thurs: 7pm till 12:30am
Fri – Sun: 12:30pm till 12:30am

Tel: +971 4 438 0000
WebsiteBarBQ Tonight

Location: Al Mina

Price: 65 AED per person

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3. Kaleidoscope

Another great buffet restaurant where you can witness live cooking and have lots of different dishes to choose from. More than 1500 positive reviews show it is one of people’s favourite spots to enjoy delicious meals. 

They offer everything from Arabic to Indian food to Italian pizzas and pasta depending on the night. They also have lots of variety. So you can find options whether you need vegan or gluten-free too.

If you are craving Indian food in Dubai, you can visit Kaleidoscope on Sunday for an Indian buffet in Dubai. Saturday is Arabian night and Fridays are Italian night. The rest of the week is mixed international.

Key information:

Style: International & Theme nights
Dress Code: Casual

Hours: 7:00 am till 11:30 pm

Tel: +971 4 426 2626

Location: Atlantis, Palm Jumeriah

Price: 235 AED to 255 AED per person depending on the night

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4. Saffron

Another great restaurant that offers live cooking with more than 200 dishes. The restaurant offers asian food and has recently been renovated with new lavish interiors.

The restaurant is usually open for lunch and dinner with a wide range of food to enjoy. Visitors will love the themed dinners where you can witness your food being cooked right before you. The desserts are delicious with a good range of desserts to enjoy. Saffron should be your go-to place if you search for the best lunch buffet in Dubai.

When I went with my husband, I enjoyed the restaurant but it was very busy and food disappeared quickly. It’s one that people rave about in Dubai and it’s especially known for it’s Saturday Brunch. So if you don’t mind spending more than the average brunch in Dubai, Saffron is a great experience.

Key information:

Style: Asian
Dress code: Smart casual

Breakfast: 7 am till 11:30 am
Dinner: 6 pm till 10:30 pm

Tel: +971 4 426 1000

Location: Atlantis, Palm Jumeirah

Price: 255 AED per person

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5. The Talk Restaurant

The Talk restaurant is the best place those who want to decide between buffet and a la carte in Dubai, as they have both a buffet option and menu. The food at the Talk is great and you can enjoy a wide range of foods. There is a plethora of accessible seating which makes it the best place to go with a large group of people.

One great thing about the buffet is its constantly being refreshed with the new food times. You can experience the deliciousness of a wide range of cuisines, and you will never get enough food. Therefore, it is best to make a reservation so you can get seating during the peak hours.

Key information

Cuisine: Mixed theme nights
Dress code: Smart casual

Breakfast: 6:30 am till 10:30 am
Lunch: 12:30 pm till 3pm
Dinner: 6:30 pm till 11pm

Tel: +971 4 449 8888
WebsiteThe Talk Restaurant (Save 25% off your bill when you reserve online until 15/12/22)

Location: Movenpick, Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR)

Price: 180 AED per person

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6. Feast Restaurant

Another Indian buffet in Dubai where you can watch your food being prepared in front of you. Their Indian buffet night is every Wednesday evening. You will get an authentic and genuine dining experience.

Other nights with their Dinner Buffet include Asian, Arabic and Mediterranian cuisine with a wide range of desserts. People love the food at Feast Restaurant and they always leave with full tummies.

For Seafood lovers, there is also a Seafood night on Saturday evenings!

Key Information

Style: Mixed theme nights
Dress code: Smart casual

Breakfast: 6:30 am till 11:00 am
Lunch: 12:30pm till 3pm
Dinner: 7:00 pm till 10:30 pm

Tel: +971 4 503 4444
WebsiteFeast Restaurant

Location: Sheraton Grand Hotel, Trade Center

Price: 150 to 195 AED per person depending on the night

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7. Kitchen 6

This option is great for families like mine, where you have one person who only like certain foods and another who is a little more adventurous! This buffet in Business Bay has a little bit for everyone!

Offering Japanese, Arabic, Asian, European and Indian. This restaurant has won awards and has been recommended by a friend. So you definitely won’t be disappointed with this one!

It also has live cooking stations which are honestly my fave because then you get the best of both worlds! Freshly made food just like when you order à la carte!

Key information

Style: Mixed international & Middle Eastern
Dress code: Smart casual

Breakfast: 6am – 11am
Lunch: Mon-Fri: 12.30pm – 3.30pm / Sat-Sun: 1pm – 4pm
Dinner: 6.30pm – 11pm

Tel: +971 4 414 3000
WebsiteKitchen 6

Location: JW Marriott Marquis, Business Bay

Price: 219 AED per person for lunch or dinner

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8. Spice Island

Enjoy the best buffet in Dubai, with more than 200 dishes globally, at the Spice Island Buffet in Dubai. It is an award-winning restaurant situated at the city’s heart and is the best place for those who want to experience new flavours. 

The lemonade, nachos, and spicy shrimp soup are the must-try. They provide exceptionally best services with a wide range of food choices. People who visit Spice Island are regulars. The food does not bore the person and the customer service is top-quality.

This is also one of the best family friendly buffets in Dubai available with special events regularly held for kids.

Key information:

Style: Mixed international and Arabic
Dress code:
Smart casual

Lunch: 12:20 pm till 3:30 pm
Dinner: 7 pm till 11 pm

Tel: +971 4 356 8888
WebsiteSpice Island

Location: Crowne Plaza, Deira

Price: 225 AED per person

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9. Yalumba

Truly a classic in Dubai. This restaurant is yet another on the list that has stood the test of time in Dubai! Which is no easy feat! Want the best seafood buffet in Dubai? Then this restaurant is the one for you! Yalumba boasts a wide range of food items and amongst the best places in UAE for those who love seafood. 

Yalumba also has a great selection of desserts, which is frankly my favourite part of any buffet. The décor at this location is the best, which induces elegance while maintaining the modern aesthetic. The customer service is top-notched, and the staff is always attentive.

Key information:

Style: Mixed theme buffet nights
Dress code:
Smart casual

Breakfast: 6:30 am till 10:30 am
Dinner: 7 pm till 10:30 pm
Saturdays: 1pm till 4pm
Sundays: 12:30 pm till 3:30 pm

Tel: +971 4 702 2455

Location: Le Meridien Dubai, Garhoud

Price: 145 AED to 365 AED per person depending on the night and package

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There are so many Dubai buffets to choose from and these are some of the best buffet restaurants in Dubai that regularly make the top lists of both residents and visitors alike. I was never a huge buffet fan until I moved here, when I was shown how extensive and luxurious buffets could be! Don’t forget to check Cobone.com to save money before you go!

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