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12 fantastic restaurants with Burj Khalifa view [2023]

by Danni B
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It’s a must on the Dubai bucket list! Enjoying a meal with a Burj Khalifa view while watching the dancing fountains and Burj Khalifa light show! It’s also perfect for anyone wanting a romantic restaurant in Dubai for a special occasion or anniversary dinner. I give you my ultimate list of the best Burj Khalifa view restaurants with good food!

Make sure to check out the bottom section with handy tips for where to park and how to make the most of other activities in the area!

*I mostly recommend using Get Your Guide for a few reasons, 1) they tend to have the best prices in the UAE (I compare a lot of tours before choosing what to recommend), 2) they offer a full refund up to 24 hours before you booking in case you need to change and 3) I’ve found their customer service better than other websites.

I have also created this helpful article packed full of information on visiting the Burj Khalifa, it’s a must read beforee you visit! It also has a long list of activities to do in and around the Burj Khalifa as well. If you’re looking for food inside the Burj Khalifa, this article lists all restaurants.

Restaurants with the best Dubai fountain view

I’ve included a mix of different cuisines and the ones that have the best food! Along with what exact view they have, whether it’s better for the fountains or both.

I’ve carefully selected all the places I feel not only have a great view but also have good food! All the restaurants are close to the Dubai water fountain so you get the best experience with the music! There are other further out but the music is a key element to watching the fountains dance!

The restaurants here, and generally in Downtown Dubai, do tend to be more expensive. This is due to being a tourist hot spot. Also some restaurants have a minimum spend for the tables outside.

Insider tipCobone.com has lots of great offers at various restaurants in Dubai and every food you can imagine. So it’s definitely worth checking if there’s any offers for any of these restaurants before you head out!

Affordable Restaurants

1. Five Guys – Dubai Mall

This is one of the most affordable restaurants that is located right on the fountains along with being one of the best spots to watch the fountains. You can also fully enjoy the Burj Khalifa light show! The perfect angle for both

They have quite a large outdoor seating area, based on first come first serve. Sometimes large crowds gather in front of you to watch the fountains on the bridge but as they shoot quite high into the air, it’s still a good spot to watch from further back

Key information & prices:

Style: American fast food burgers
Burj Khalifa & fountains

Meals start from 23 AED ($6 USD)
Tables are first come first serve

Reservations: +971 04 380 4117

2. Nando’s – Dubai Mall

A now world famous brand, this casual style restaurant focused on Portuguese style chicken now has a key spot right by the Dubai fountain show! Perfect for those on a budget but wanting to enjoy the view of Burj Khalifa!

This one is close to Five Guys on the Dubai Mall Water Promenade and has a large outdoor seat area close to the lake. Best to get there early or you may have to wait for an outside table to become available.

Key information & prices:

Style: Portuguese rotisserie chicken
Burj Khalifa & Fountains

Meals start from 25 AED ($7 USD)
Tables are first come first serve

Reservations: +971 600 542 525

3. Logma – Fashion Avenue, Dubai Mall

If you want an affordable option and want to taste some traditional Emirati dishes, this is a good option. They have many classics such as Regag, Machbous and Lugaimat

Due to being in Fashion Avenue, you get a great view of the fountains but the outdoor terrace faces away from the Burj Khalifa. The slightly higher view however is great for watching the dancing fountains.

Key information & prices:

Style: Emirati Fusion
View: Dubai Fountains

Meals start from 25 AED ($7 USD)
Tables are first come first serve
+971 4 241 5557

Mid-Range Restaurants

4. Social House – Dubai Mall

I’ve personally eaten here many times, the service is friendly and the food is always good! I love that they have lots of tasty healthy options too. Even without the view, it’s one of my favourites restaurants in Downtown Dubai

Again the outdoor seating gets busy so make sure to get there early, as you aren’t able to book in advance the outside tables. They do have quite a large open space compared to the restaurants in Souq Al Bahar, so it can be easier getting a table with a good view. It’s definitely one of my favourite Dubai restaurants with a view.

They’ve had famous guests here such as Sheikh Hamdan, also known as Faz or Fazza, so if he likes it! It must be good!

Key information & prices:

Style: Healthy Contemporary
View: Burj Khalifa & Fountains

Meals start from 57 AED ($15 USD)
Outside dining is not reservable
*Minimum spend 75 AED ($20 USD) per person

Reservations: +971 4 339 8640

5. Wafi Gourmet – Dubai Mall

This is a Dubai classic, as it’s been here for a very long time. If you haven’t tried it before, you have to a get a Manakeesh which is like a Lebanese pizza! It’s typical to order lots of different dishes and share them. Hummus with meat is another classic one for sharing! Make sure to try their Kunafa for dessert.

They are located on the Dubai Mall promenade with outdoor seating by the lake. Again tables aren’t able to be reserved so you may need to wait if you want a good table right by the fountains!

Key information & prices:

Style: Authentic Lebanese
View: Burj Khalifa & Fountains

Meals start from 30 AED ($8 USD)
Outside dining is not reservable

Reservations: +971 4 330 8297

6. Din Tai Fung – Fashion Avenue, Dubai Mall

A newer restaurant onto the scene and serving more traditional style Chinese food. Which used to be harder to find in Dubai! So if you’re a Dim Sum lover. This is a great spot for the Dubai water fountain but the Burj Khalifa view is limited

Although the individual dishes are pretty reasonable, you’ll normally need to order a few. Though it is definitely close to the affordable category depending on what you order!

Key information & prices:

Style: Authentic Chinese
View: Dubai Fountains

Dishes start from 19 AED ($5 USD)
Outside dining is not reservable

Reservations: +971 4 362 7500

7. Gia – Fashion Avenue, Dubai Mall

Gia has a pretty large outside terrace so it can be easier to get a table outside! The food is very typical Italian dishes with the odd more modern twist here and there.

Similar to Din Tai Fung, this one is towards the back of the fountains so it’s difficult to see the Burj Khalifa show but it is amazing for watching over the Dubai Fountains!

Key information & prices:

Style: Modern Italian
View: Dubai Fountains

Meals start from 59 AED ($16 USD)

Reserve Online via Zomato
Reservations: +971 4 234 9986

Fine Dining Restaurants

8. Karma Kafe – Souk Al Bahar

I love the food here and has so many amazing dishes. It’s another restaurant that has been set up in Dubai for a long time and still remains a popular hot spot. It has a lovely outdoor terrace on the 1st floor overlooking the fountains and Burj Khalifa

It has low level lighting so it’s a perfect romantic dinner in Dubai if you’re looking for somewhere for date night too!

Karma Kafe also does a ladies’ night every Tuesday, so you may be able to save some money if you’re happy to visit during the week. It’s also one of the few places serving alcoholic drinks

Key information & prices:

Style: Asian fusion
View: Burj Khalifa & Fountains
Over 16s only

Tuesday ladies’ night – 3 course menu with drinks for 160 AED ($44 USD)
Set menu Thurs & Fri from 200 AED ($54 USD)

Dishes start from 40 AED ($11 USD)

Reserve Online via their website
Reservations: +971 4 565 7220

9. Serafina – Souk Al Bahar

So I’m incredibly fussy with my Italian food since I lived in Italy for four months and Serafina is one of the few authentic Italian restaurants in Dubai. I’ve really enjoyed their food every time! Also the service has always been really good and the staff friendly.

It’s the perfect romantic restaurant in Dubai with its low level lighting and the closeness of the outdoor terrace to the fountains. The space outside is limited so you may need to book in advance to ensure you get the best tables close to the fountains!

Serafina also serves alcohol like Karma Kafe

Key information & prices:

Style: Classic Italian
View: Burj Khalifa & Fountains

Meals start from 90 AED ($24 USD)

Reserve via e-mail
Reservations: +971 4 363 8447

10. Hashi, Armani Hotel – Burj Khalifa

The outside area is directly below the Burj Khalifa in the Armani Hotel. So while you’ll be able to see the light show, it is pretty up close! You have an amazing panoramic view across the whole of the Dubai Fountains so it’s a really beautiful spot for the fountains.

It is a little bit hard to hear the music from here, so that’s the only downside but the view really makes up for it. Another great romantic restaurant with its dimmed lights and stunning view.

Due to it being located in the Armani Burj Khalifa, they’re able to serve alcoholic drinks

Key information & prices:

Style: Modern Japanese
View: Burj Khalifa & Fountains

Dishes start from 55 AED ($15 USD)

Reserve via e-mail
Reservations: +971 4 888 3666

Family Friendly Restaurants

Insider tip – Be aware that some of the restaurants, if serving shisha on the terrace or outdoor area then under 18s are not allowed to sit in that area. This can make watching the Dubai dancing fountains at dinner a little more difficult with children as you’ll need to be seated indoors.

If you’re looking for more family friendly restaurants in Dubai for your visit, I’ve written another article with places where they have activity areas or entertain for children.

11. Black Tap – Dubai Mall

Black Tap opened a few years ago in Dubai and has taken the city by storm! With their huge tasty burgers! The kids will definitely love their huge milkshakes with all their candy-covered toppings.

Key information & prices:

Style: Gourmet American Burgers
View: Partial Burj Khalifa & Fountains

Kids eat free Sunday to Wednesday

Meals start from 45 AED ($12 USD)

Tables are first come first serve
Reservations: +04 3305103

12. Salt

This one is pretty unique to the rest and is situated a little bit further back along the water promenade. So it’s a little bit further away from Dubai Fountains but makes a really cool spot to watch the Burj Khalifa laser show

They’ve now built an inside restaurant but of course, if you want the best view of the Burj Khalifa and fountains, you can sit in the open air outside area! It’s a fun experience that is a little bit different to all the others!

Key information & prices:

Style: Modern Burgers
View: Burj Khalifa & Fountains

Meals start from 32 AED ($9 USD)

Tables are first come first serve
Reservations: +971 54 990 9689

What is the Burj Khalifa area?

The Burj Khalifa is located in the area of Downtown Dubai with lots of other Dubai tourist attractions nearby. The Dancing Fountain Dubai is located at the back of Dubai Mall in-between Souq Al Bahar

You’ll also find here, the Dubai fountain (also called the Falling Man fountain), Dubai aquarium, the world’s largest sweet shop (candy shop if you’re American) and of course the world’s largest mall, Dubai Mall. So it’s definitely worth spending an entire day here to explore the area

Insider tipIf you’re following the signs for ‘Dubai Fountain’ inside Dubai Mall make sure to follow the signs for Souq Al Bahar as there are two sets of doors, if you arrive by Dubai Falling Man Waterfall. If you follow Souq Al Bahar, it will take you to the right location!

Also, the Dubai Fountain has many names, such as Dancing Fountain Dubai or Burj Khalifa Fountain. The dancing fountains are separate from the Burj Khalifa and you have to head to Dubai Mall, not the Burj Khalifa, to see them close up!

Where should I park for the Dubai Fountain?

Both Dubai Mall and Souk Al Bahar have free parking for visitors so you can easily park in either of these. There’s also valet parking available at an extra cost at both car parks.

Souk Al Bahar does now have a token system, it is limited to two free hours or four free hours if you’re visiting a restaurant who’ll validate your token. It’s 10 AED per hour after the free time.

The Dubai mall parking has three main sections. The Cinema Parking is pretty close to the fountain and so is part of Fashion Avenue Parking. You want to park at the opposite end of Bloomingdales.

Avoid Grand Parking, as it’s the opposite end of Dubai Mall and the sheer size of Dubai Mall means you’ll end up doing a lot of walking if you park here!

If you do end up on the wrong side of the mall. There are e-taxis (long open golf buggies/carts) which will drop you right by the fountains

Insider tip – My personal recommendation is to park in Souk Al Bahar, as it’s a shorter distance to walk to the fountains and there’s less traffic getting out of the car park. It’s also smaller, so easier to find your car after! However they have now introduced a token system which you’ll need to validate and is for a limited time unlike Dubai Mall Park. So if you plan to spend all day in Downtown Dubai, it’s best to park in Dubai Mall.

When is the best time to go watch the Dubai fountains and Burj Khalifa light show?

The best time to go is either early evening or nighttime. This is to get the true experience and beauty of everything lit up. Most of the shows do not start until the early evening, just before sunset.

What are the Dubai fountain and Burj Khalifa light show timings?

The Burj Khalifa fountain show timings are every hour with the Burj Khalifa light show timings every hour in between, so you can enjoy a show every 30 minutes. The fountain show on the hour and the light show half past the hour

It is also sometimes referred to as the ‘Burj Khalifa laser show’ due to the lasers that come out of the Burj Khalifa!

You can buy tickets to ride across the lake and see the fountain show from Get Your Guide here. If you need to cancel or have a change of plans, Get Your Guide allow you to cancel for a full refund up to 24 hours before!

Why not enjoy a tour or another experience while you’re in the area?

GetYourGuide also offers incredible tours that include the Burj Khalifa, one of my favourites is this Half Day Bus Tour with Burj Khalifa access ticket or this incredible 8 hour tour with Burj Khalifa access with $50 off!

What is the cost to watch the Burj Khalifa fountain show?

The fountain show and Burj Khalifa light show are completely free to watch! Even the parking is free! A popular place to watch for free is the bridge leading to Souq Al Bahar since you have a great view of the fountains and the Burj Khalifa. It’s also the perfect spot for a photo!

If you want a guide to watching the fountains for free or other activities on the Burj Khalifa lake, check out my other article here

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My personal favourite for a romantic meal is Serafina, serving amazing Italian food. It’s one of the most romantic restaurants in Dubai. Just make sure to book in advance so you get one of the best tables close to the water!

For meeting friends for a casual meal my favourite is Social House, as they have lots of healthy tasty options and again good food. It’s a spot to enjoy the Dubai mall fountain show! Plus do some shopping of course!

If you’re wanting drinks, then Karma Cafe is one of the best spots in town!

If you’re wanting to combine dinner with visiting the Burj Khalifa, then I highly recommend this 3 course lunch or dinner with Burj Khalifa access ticket package by GetYourGuide for only $77 per person!

So now you know all the best places to see the Burj Khalifa, Dubai has to offer! I’ll be writing lots more Burj Khalifa, Dubai Downtown restaurant and hotel guides so don’t forget to subscribe to my e-mail list! I lived in the Downtown area for many years, so I give you all the best inside information that no other Dubai blog has!

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