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What’s the Dubai climate? Weather, average temperatures each month and more!

by Danni B

Curious about the weather in Dubai or what the climate is like? We answer all your questions below about the average temperatures, wind speeds, sea temperatures and more! So you can plan your perfect Dubai vacation trip!

The United Arab Emirate’s climate is affected largely by the line of the Tropic of Cancer that passes through the country. It experiences sunny, hot weather for most of the year. The UAE’s climate is slightly varied as Dubai is warmer than the more mountainous regions of the UAE where it can be up to 10 celsius cooler.

Dubai’s climate is sub-tropical and dry. Due to the hot weather you may be wondering, is it okay to wear summer clothes in Dubai? Such as strappy tops and bikinis. The answer is yes and you can find out more about how to dress in our Dubai Women Dress Code article!

It’s also okay for men to wear shorts and shirts. The only exception to this is if you plan to visit one of the many beautiful mosques. Then it is needed to cover the whole body including a hijab.

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Dubai temperature by month

Dubai’s climate is relatively temperate. The summer months are largely sunny, though it can get quite dusty. This is due to the Shamal wind blowing in from the Arabian Gulf and Iraq. Reaching its highest point in July. There is almost no rainfall in these months, it can rain as early as May or after summer in October.

In the hottest months, the humidity is higher. At 25 degree Celsius air can absorb up to 23 grams of water per cubic metre whereas at 20 deg Celsius, it can absorb only 17.3 grams. So as you can imagine, as it gets warmer the air absorbs a lot more water increasing the humidity!

When the relative humidity reaches 40%, air becomes muggy and unpleasant for human beings. In Dubai, this limit is reached nine months out of the year!

Does it rain in Dubai?

Yes, it does! But don’t expect heavy downpours and flooding. The rains are usually rapid showers that rarely lasting more than an hour or two. These mostly happen during the winter months.

That said, there have been a few cases of intense rains and even some flooding in recent years! However this has been mostly in moe remote areas of the UAE and not in Dubai.

Dubai temperature in Summer

Summers are the hottest time of the year in Dubai, with temperatures ranging from 40 to 50 degrees Celcius. However, it’s not always as hot as this you’ll be glad to know! This desert climate means that the air is often humid, meaning the air can feel much hotter than it really is.

During these months, nights are also hot with an average of 30 Celcius. I’ve tried walking in July and due to the humidity, it still feels a lot hotter than it is. You’ll definitely need a shower afterwards! The humidity levels are around 85%.

However, you’ll be pleased to know there is air conditioning everywhere in Dubai and as long as you make sure to drink lots of water. You shouldn’t have any issues in Dubai during Summer,

It is also likely to experience sandstorms but they usually only last for a few hours to a few days.

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Why is Dubai so hot?

Well, it’s because of the desert climate found in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is located in the Arabian Desert and is surrounded by a vast area of sand. All this sand absorbs heat from the sun and reflects it back up into the atmosphere. This makes days in Dubai extremely hot as temperatures can reach well over 38°C (100 F) as it gets closer to summer and during summer.

With a maximum temperature of over 49°C (120 F) in the summer, Dubai is one of the hottest cities in the world. This is despite rumours that it often goes over 50°C, this is a pretty rare occurrence in Dubai! Though the humidity can make it feel hotter than it is.

Dubai’s geolocation added to its low and flat elevation roughly at sea level. This means that there is not much relief from the sun’s rays as they are not blocked by mountains.

Dubai average temperature

The average temperature in Dubai even in it’s coldest months is 24 to 25 degrees Celsius however the average is 40 to 41 degrees Celsius in the summer but due to the humidity it feels hotter!

The best time to visit Dubai is November, December, March and April where you’ll see averages between 31 and 33 Celsius. The weather conditions are perfect for those wanting some winter sun.

During summer with such high average temperatures it can feel too hot. Fortunately, the hotels, shopping malls, and indoor attractions in Dubai are air conditioned. Although the summer months are the most popular in Europe, visitors prefer to visit Dubai during the winter months.

Dubai winter temperature

Winter in Dubai is actually one of best times to visit vs the summer. You may have occasional showers in Winter but these are short and intense. The ground dries immediately afterward and you may not even know it rained if you were indoors!

Winter in Dubai is the coldest time of the year for the country. It lasts for approximately five months. However it is still very warm compared to many other countries!

The rainiest and coldest months are January and February but you generally the temperatures don’t get lower than 14 degrees Celsius. Most nights you’ll find it’s warmer actually!

The humidity level is generally comfortable through all of winter and most days are sunny.

Dubai Daylight Hours

The Gulf and Middle East overall have relatively stable daylight hours throughout the year, meaning the days don’t get as long in Summer as they do in Europe.

dubai climate

Dubai average wind speed

The average hourly wind speed in Dubai varies slightly. It averages over 8 miles per hour (14 kph) during the windiest parts of the year, and is at its highest in March. The rest of the year is relatively calm, with an average hourly wind speed of 7 miles per hour (11 kph). The wind direction is also different throughout the year.

So for those of you who love wind based sports, Dubai offers a fairly relatively calm and predictable option. You can easily find places offering paragliding or other fun beach activities!

I highly recommend to book via a trusted company online for parasailing, this one here offers an amazing 1 hour experience right by Burj Al Arab

So now you know more abut the climate of Dubai and what the weather is like depending on the seasons! We hope you have an amazing time in Dubai and enjoy the sunny desert climate

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