5 reasons to visit Butterfly Garden in Dubai

by Danni B
butterfly garden dubai

The Butterfly Garden in Dubai is one of the world’s largest butterfly gardens and is a great family-friendly day out! Not only is it a beautiful, eco-friendly park but it’s home to the largest population of butterflies in the world. It is also the region’s first butterfly garden. So here are 5 reasons to visit Butterfly Garden Dubai!

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1. It is the world’s largest covered butterfly garden

Located in Al Barsha 3, it is the world’s largest indoor butterfly garden! The Butterfly Garden has ten domes filled with the various kinds of butterflies. It also includes a butterfly museum and an educational area.

There are over 15,000 butterflies living in the Dubai Butterfly Garden with a total of 6,673 square metres of indoor and outdoor gardens. The butterfly domes are organised into four major areas of attraction.

There are over 50 different species of butterflies which can be viewed in the climate controlled butterfly domes. Visitors can even see the pupas of these beautiful creatures.

In addition to butterflies, there is also a Koi pond and chirping birds add to the soothing atmosphere of this natural habitat. There are plenty of photo opportunities in this beautiful setting. You can also play a game of butterflies you can spot!

2. It is an eco-friendly park

It is the first of its kind in the region. It has a beautiful setting that simulates nature with lush green surroundings and flower arrangements.

Each dome contains triangular windows that let natural light in, while also maintaining an average temperature of 28 degrees. This is the ideal temperature for butterflies. Despite the harsh climate in Dubai, the garden manages to keep the temperature at this ideal temperature.

It also features an Education Area where visitors can learn about the butterfly’s life cycle. They can also learn about different species and their habitats in the park.

The staff at the Butterfly Garden will also explain the characteristics of the different butterflies. They will also tell you about their habitat and hatching habits. It is truly a wonderful experience to see how the life cycle of a butterfly begins and help us support these creatures in our own gardens.

3. It has a gallery, museum and cinema

The Butterfly museum is located in the middle of the garden. The museum also houses the gallery and a variety of programs for children, families and individuals. The museum has a number of educational displays that explain the importance of the insects along with art created by talented artists. It also features a mural of the Crown Prince of Dubai nicknamed Fazza.

If you’re traveling with children, there’s also a Kids cinema at the Butterfly Garden. It shows educational films, animated shorts, and Disney films. Tickets booked online include free popcorn or ice cream or coffee for Mum or Dad. You can also purchase tickets at the entrance without complimentary treats.

For refreshments, you can visit the DMG Cafe inside the Museum serving Starbucks coffee. There’s also a candy shop and food kiosk. For the sweet lovers you’ll find an array of gelato flavours. You can also choose from indoor and outdoor seating areas.

You’ll find The Dubai Butterfly Gardan has all the amenties you need for the utmost conveiniece while visiting with a family. There are toilets, a prayer room and a first aid room. If you need assistance, the museum staff will be happy to help you.

4. It is a must-visit for nature lovers

The Butterfly garden Dubai is an amazing place to visit if you love butterflies and nature. The butterflies are from various parts of the world including Latin America, Africa and Asia. Some of the largest species here are the Blue Morpho and the American white-winged Anteos Clorinde. Other species found here include the rare Orange Oakleaf butterfly and the Great Eggfly.

In the museum and educational area you’ll find thousands of pressed butterflies and many displays. The place is ideal for nature lovers and kids of all ages.

5. It’s close to Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Butterfly Garden and Dubai Miracle Garden are owned by the same company. It was created through a joint venture between the Dubai Properties Group and Dubailand. Dubai Miracle Garden was built using a romantic theme and took about two months to complete. The project won a Garden Tourism Award in 2015.

So if you’re really wanting a full day out for you or the family. You can easily combine the two to really make it a fun packed day! Both are a must visit attraction for Dubai!

Your questions answered about Butterfly Garden Dubai

What is the Dubai butterfly garden location?

This butterfly sanctuary is located in the Al Barsha 3 area of Dubailand. It is the region’s first and largest indoor butterfly garden. It is also located close to Dubai Miracle Garden and the Butterfly Garden in Dubai is a beautiful place to spend a day.

How much is the Dubai Butterfly Garden ticket price?

The Dubai Butterfly Garden ticket price varies depending on the type of ticket you are purchasing. The standard ticket price is AED 55 for adults and children. It is free for children three and under along with disabled visitors. Also available is group promo packages. For groups of four or more people you can get a Dubai Butterfly Garden offer of 1 or 2 tickets free, meaning you get in for as little as 165 AED for a family of 4.

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The ticket price includes admission to the Butterfly World and a kid’s cinema. The Butterfly World features a 6,000-square-meter curated garden and an educational area. Visitors can learn all about the life cycle of butterflies, and browse the butterfly museum and shop for souvenirs.

There’s also activity work shops for kids available.

What is the dubai butterfly garden timing?

Dubai Butterfly Garden is open year-round and daily from 9am till 6pm. Offering a unique opportunity to see butterflies in their natural habitat. Timings are subject to change during public holidays.

If you want to see butterflies close up, you’ll want to visit the Garden in the early morning hours. Getting there early is the best time to avoid the crowds and don’t forget to dress comfortably for the day too!

When is the best time to visit Dubai Butterfly Garden?

In terms of the season, the best time to visit the garden is from November to March but I highly recommend November as they usually refresh all the flowers at the beginning of the Dubai Winter season. Winter months are also the best for seeing the butterflies and having a pleasurable experience.

For more information on Dubai’s climate, check out my previous article with other cool facts about Dubai

Is The Dubai Butterfly Garden wheelchair accessiable?

If you are using a wheelchair, then you’ll find Butterfly garden Dubai wheelchair friendly. The gardens are designed to be accessible by wheelchair, so that wheelchair users can enjoy the attractions. This garden has separate entrances for people using wheelchairs, so that they can safely explore the park. The gardens also have a dedicated service to assist wheelchair users too.

Final words

If you are looking for a place where you can spend a day and see butterflies, then the Butterfly Garden Dubai is a great choice. The colourful butterflies that inhabit these domes really are a wonderful sight to see. There are literally hundreds of them fluttering around. So make sure not to miss it off your Dubai visit list!

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