8 of the best Iftars and Iftar buffets in Dubai, including family and budget friendly

by Danni B
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It’s Ramadan time and Dubai has a whole host of restaurants that put together some of the best and most luxurious Iftar buffets you can imagine! There are so many good places to choose for an Iftar buffet in Dubai. It was hard to make a final list but here are my highly recommended favourites depending on your budget and style!

Dubai is already known for its luxury hotels so of course, they have buffets to match. While there are many restaurant buffet options throughout the year in Dubai. Ramadan is one where lots of restaurants that don’t usually offer a buffet, offer one especially for the month of Ramadan in their Ramadan tents.

This means it can be a great time to sample a wide range from their menu or to get a pretty good deal at what is normally a more expensive restaurant! As they typically do quite reasonable prices for the Iftar buffets.

So whether you’re wanting a luxury iftar in Dubai to impress your friends, a more budget friendly Iftar or one which is ideal for taking the family. I’ve included a whole range of different iftars to suit a range of budgets and needs. Along with how much they cost per person and some insider tips such as whether you need to book in advance, how busy they get and more!

So enjoy and take a look through our ultimate Iftar in Dubai list!

Insider tip – I always check Groupon.ae for special offers on Iftar buffets! Every year a select amount of restaurants do offers via groupon

What is an Iftar?

The Arabic word aftar means to break fast and so the word for the meal where you break your fast is called Iftar. During Ramadan, Muslims fast during the daylight hours and iftar is the first meal they eat once the sun sets. Iftar doesn’t have to be a buffet but iftar buffets are hugely popular in Dubai, especially during Ramadan.

What time is Iftar in Dubai?

The time changes based on the start time of Maghrib; this is the prayer performed by Muslims at the start sunset. When the prayer time begins, it is announced by the call to prayer called the Adhan. Once the call to prayer sounds, being able to eat and thus Iftar begins.

Traditionally the fast is broken with dates and water as part of Islamic tradition. So if you find dates on your table, this is why!

What time should I arrive at the Iftar?

So you always arrive before the Maghrib prayer or what is known as the call for prayer or Adhan. This is the loud noise in Arabic coming from the speakers of the mosque you hear all the time when living in the Middle East!

You can check prayer times here, via the Dubai Government website by putting in the date you’ll go for Iftar

Typically you will find that people arrive around 10 to 20 minutes before the call to prayer. As typically you will get settled and sit down at your table. Catch up with everyone briefly before eating.

If you live in the Middle East, you may have noticed you hear two calls for prayer from the local mosque. The first is the call for prayer and the second is when the prayer starts.

You are able to eat from the first call for prayer, you don’t need to wait for the second! However you may find if you’re with other Muslims, they may eat something small before heading to pray and then coming back. Now you can start enjoying the tasty Iftar buffet!

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Best Iftars and Iftar buffets in Dubai

The best traditional Iftar

Iftar in Dubai - The Majlis at World Trace Center
Inside The Majlis at World Trace Center Iftar Buffet in Dubai

The Majlis – Dubai World Trade Centre

This Iftar is finally back for 2022 and great news, it’s still the same price as previous years! Located in Sheikh Saeed Halls at Dubai’s Convention Centre. One of my favourite dishes they do is the Lamb Ouzi served on a huge platter!

This is an Iftar buffet that is set up temporarily at Dubai’s convention centre every year. You’ll find lots of colorful decorations and traditional Islamic inspired arches.

There are a good amount of food options and is a good mid-range buffet. The venue boasts award-winning chefs preparing the many dishes. Parking is free for iftar but is chargeable for suhoor (8:30pm onwards). Get 10% off if you buy online in advance.

Insider tip – If you prefer to order certain dishes, aka a la carte, their Suhoor option after Iftar is also super popular!

165 AED ($45 USD) per person
85 AED ($23 USD) for kids 6 to 12
Free for kids under 6

Sunset to 8:30pm

Tel: +971 800 DWTC

Best family option Iftar

Rainforest Cafe – Dubai Festival City

Previously located in Dubai Mall, they’ve now opened at this new location since March 2021! It is truly one of the most unique Iftars available for families with kids. As the whole restaurant is like being in a rainforest, animals included!

It is also one of the most affordable Iftars in Dubai, which let’s be honest is another factor when you’ve got little mouths to feed! The restaurant offers a 4 course set menu including a choice of main meals, along with refillable soft drinks.

The great part about being located Festival City Mall is you can go watch the laser and light water fountain shows after your meal. Keeping the kids entertained for even longer!

59 AED ($16 USD) per person

Tel: +971 4 236 2727

Best healthy option Iftar

Rove Hotel – Downtown, Trade Center, Deira, Healthcare City, Dubai Expo & Dubai Marina

Offering a wide selection of healthy dishes and a down to earth style Iftar with Arabic style dishes. The restaurant features wooden tables or if you’re in a large group, there are long wooden benches to sit. It’s a great casual atmosphere with your friends.

They also have a great selection of vegetarian options which is rare to find at an Iftar buffet in Dubai.

149 AED ($41 USD) per person

Tel: +971 4 561 9999

Most unique Iftar Buffet Dubai

Al Hadheerah, Bal Al Shams – Al Qudra Road

Feel like you’ve taken a step back in time in a luxury bedouin style desert camp. You can sit under the stars as you dine, surrounded by the beauty of the Arabian desert.

This iftar is perfect for when you have guests and are wanting to impress them with a one of a kind experience. It is a little bit of a drive but is definitely worth it. This iftar buffet includes live entertainment.

Insider tip – Sometimes this one is on offer on Groupon, so make sure to do a quick check before you go!

280 AED ($76 USD) per person

Sunset to 10pm

WhatsApp: +971 56 549 4440
Tel: +971 4 809 6194

The most affordable budget Iftar

Patiently waiting for Iftar to begin at Mama’esh

Mama’esh – Umm Suqeim, The Greens, Meadows, Al Badaa, Business Bay, DIFC, DIP & Al Warqa

This one is a set menu Iftar served for Ramadan. It includes a selection of starters, a main of your choice and a dessert. This year in 2022, they’re offering four choices of main which range in price.

This Palestinian restaurant serves a feeling of homemade food and is a real gem of Dubai. I recommend going there even when it isn’t Ramadan. Their iftar offers a great opportunity to try a few of their different signature dishes at a very affordable price.

*You must book one day in advance via the phone

19 AED ($5 USD) to 55 AED ($15 USD) per person depending on your main dish

Tel: +971 600-548-287

Foodie’s choice Iftar

LPM (Le Petite Maison) – DIFC

Another set menu style as an Iftar for Ramadan, this is an amazing opportunity to try one of the best restaurants in Dubai at an affordable price. Le Petite Maison is the kind of restaurant you take a client to when you really want to wow them and it’s equally fabulous for an Iftar.

For the cost of this set menu iftar you get four courses for the price of what you’d typically spend on a single main dish. At the complete other end of Mama’esh but giving you the perfect time to sample some of their signature dishes.

For their 2022 menu, check their website here

250 AED ($68 USD) per person and requires a minimum of 2 people

From 6pm to 8pm

Tel: +971 4 439 0505

Best international food Iftar buffet

Meydan Hotel Ramadan Iftar – Meydan

Most Ramadan Iftar buffets in Dubai tend to be more focused on Arabic food. This Iftar buffet is ideal if you’re wanting more international foods. They have a wide selection of different types of food including sushi and pasta. They also have your typical Arabic buffet dishes. Plus, Meydan is a lovely location with views over the racecourse.

199 AED ($54 USD) per person

Sunset till 9pm

WhatsApp: +971 56 525 4040
Tel: +971 4 381 3111

Best luxury Iftar buffet

Al Majlis, Madinat Jumeirah – Umm Suqeim

It was tough to choose from all the amazing hotels. In order to pick which is the best luxury Iftar buffet in Dubai. I’m a huge fan of the Jumeirah group, they often go above and beyond.

Out of all of the five-star hotels in Dubai, there’s just something extra special about them. The inside is in typical Dubai style with its luxurious feel and opulent decorations. This incredible iftar serves mostly traditional Arabic dishes and inside feels magical.

Insider tip – The parking for this is not at Souq Madinat. You need to drive to where Jumeirah Al Naseem and Jumeirah Mina A’Salam. There is valet parking on your left at Madinat Arena.

220 AED ($60 USD) per person

Sunset till 8:30pm

Tel: +971 4 366 5500

I hope you have a lovely Ramadan and enjoy some of the Iftar buffets in Dubai off this list. I try every year my best to keep the prices up to date along with what restaurants are doing an Iftar. Dubai is a lovely city to spend Ramadan in with so many restaurants and hotels doing such fabulous Iftars. And don’t forget to check Groupon.ae before you go!

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