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Where to get the best coffees in Dubai

by Danni B

If you’re anything like me, then you’re a bit of a coffee addict! Dubai has so many great coffee places that it’s hard to choose which one should have the title of best coffee in Dubai. Pretty much every style of cafe and coffee is available here. You’ll find hipster style coffee places, luxury cafes, cute tea houses plus your usual high street chains. So lets get to it and here is my list of the best coffee shops in Dubai!

*Updated in 2020! Please note prices may have changed since the writing of this article.

Now I’ve drank A LOT of coffee during my time in Dubai and I’ve visited the majority of cafes that exist there. Though even for someone like me, who probably spends way too much time sat in cafes. It’s been hard to try all of them! Whenever a new cafe opens, I’m normally ones of the first there! There are so many different styles of cafes and so many amazing places for the best coffee in Dubai! Trying to select my top five was tough!

In addition to this, Coffee has a huge history in the region. Though Arabic coffee is completely different to the style of Italian coffee most of us are used to in Europe. Since Arabic coffee tends to only have one traditional style, I’m focusing on the European style coffee and where serves it best.

Coffee places are hugely popular with the local population as many don’t drink alcohol. So they’re the ideal hang out for evenings with friends. One of the best parts about Dubai (compared with Europe) is that the cafes are open till the late hours. Meaning you can enjoy a coffee with your friends from the early mornings to the early hours! This is one of the things that I loved as a British national moving to Dubai is that so many cafes are open so late. Since most places close at 6pm where I am!

So here are my top cafes to get the best coffee in Dubai!

The best coffees in Dubai and the cafes serving them

Neighbors – Umm Suqeim 

So despite me editing my article, this one is staying firmly on the list. It still one of my favourite cafes in the whole of Dubai. This hidden gem is hidden away on Al Thanya Street in Umm Suqeim. In fact, even when you know where it is, you might pass by it without realising. The baristas here are really well trained and they know their coffee! This is one of the only places I’ve been too serving authentic cold brew that has a fully smooth taste. Plus I love the quirky, slightly industrial interiors are really cool. It definitely reminds me of a cafe I once went to in Barcelona. I would probably give them the title of the best coffee in Dubai.

*Some cafes seem to think a cold brew and an iced black coffee are the same! They’re not. If you get a hint of burnt notes when you drink your coffee, it’s probably an iced coffee and not a cold brew!

My recommended coffee:  Cold Brew – 20 AED

Mokha 1450 – Jumeirah/Al Badaa & Palm Jumeriah

This cafe serves some really rare and hard to find coffee beans. Including Jamaican blue and Yemeni coffee. This boutique coffee shop is definitely one for those who are really passionate about coffee. They’re a small cafe with a Morrocan feel and low key interiors. Mokha 1450 pride themselves on their unique coffee bean selections and have some blends which are only available here. Not just not available anywhere else in Dubai but not anywhere else in the world! They also sell beans for you to take home and enjoy.

My recommended coffee: Long Black with an upgrade of your favourite choice of beans – Starting from 21 AED

Arabica – Dubai Mall, City Walk, Palm Jumeirah, Mirdif & Mall of Emirates

This is another one I decided to keep on the list. I really like their just simple coffee that sticks to what it is good at. This cafe has grown to many branches within a short amount of time due to this. If you’re a bit of a coffee connoisseur, they offer different bean mixes and selections. You can choose from your preferred single origins or their house blend. Also, I love that the staff are friendly and they do a rewards card. The only downside? There’s normally a queue to get your coffee!

Recommended Coffee:  Cafe latte – Single origin – 23/25 AED

Stomping Grounds – Al Badaa

So not only is this cafe famous but it’s also been visited by some pretty famous people. Photos of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and Sheikh Hamdan, or Fazza as most people know him, are hanging on the walls. So of course if it’s approved by royalty then the coffee has to be good. It’s one which has been around for a very long time and remained hugely popular, which isn’t an easy task in Dubai!

Recommended Coffee:  Black Gesha – 42 AED (Yes it’s expensive but it’s a really unique tasting coffee!)

RAW coffee company – Al Quoz

This coffee shop is a Dubai classic and their newer huge premises (well newer for us Dubai old-timers) is amazing. For those of us who’ve been in Dubai for years, we remember when it was this little place hidden down an alley in Al Quoz and was only open till 6pm. It really has a laid back, artsy feel. They source, import and roast their own organic fair-trade beans. They also sell to many restaurants, hotels and a cafe. So you may have tried their coffee already without knowing it! They also have classes making classes and other training workshops.

Recommended Coffee:  Cappuccino – 17.75 AED

If it’s the weekend, why not pop to one of these cafes off our list? We’re sure you’ll enjoy the coffee. I personally think the best coffee are those that you can drink without any sugar or syrups. That’s why all the coffees on my list are for those who really just love the taste of coffee. It’s probably due to the time I spent backpacking around Italy, that now I’m a bit of a coffee snob! So we hope you enjoyed reading this list and make sure to let us know what you think of the coffees!

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