Curious about moving to Dubai? A complete & total guide

by Danni B

Curious about moving to Dubai? Here we give you all the resources on the process and if moving to Dubai is right for you. Let’s first start with the basics about Dubai:

Moving to Dubai basics

Everything you need to know about finding a job, a place to rent or buy and how to get set up as a resident. I’ve also included some extra categories such as family life, visa information and if you’re wanting to start a business in Dubai.

Commonly asked questions about moving to Dubai

I answer some of the most commonly asked questions about moving to Dubai, most have more in-depth articles to go with them. So feel free to read more on each of the topics

Can I just move to Dubai?

Another common question is, can I move to Dubai without a job? Both are related to each other so I’ll give a shorter explanation on this rather large topic as Dubai has many different visa options.

The short answer is no unless you have a large amount of money, in order to live in Dubai you will need a visa legally. The easiest way to get this is to find a job in Dubai or if you work remotely then you can apply for a remote working visa. Ideally you want to secure a job before you come, however if you work in an in-demand field then it may be easier to move without a job. Find out more about securing a job.

If you have a large enough amount of money, you can buy a property and get a property investor visa. The minimum purchase amount is 2 million AED. Though I have heard mixed reports about people being given these after a property purchase with many saying they weren’t able to get a visa after buying a property.

Another option is the investor visa if you wish to invest in a business and requires a larger investment of 5 million AED however if you have the funds to start your own company this would be cheaper and you would apply for a visa as the company owner.

Is moving to Dubai worth it?

This really depends on your own personal situation however if you are a high net worth individual and your current country of residency has high taxation, then making the move to Dubai can save on a huge amount of income and capital gains tax. This is due to Dubai’s very expatriate friendly taxation laws.

Similarly the same can be said for someone working too as you won’t pay any tax on the income you earn from Dubai but you’ll first need to work out if your salary would be the same or higher in Dubai. So I highly recommend to do some research on your particular field of work, whether there is demand for it in Dubai and what you can expect to earn.

This article on monthly living costs could be helpful on working things out versus your home country or current residency.

What salary do I need to live in Dubai?

Firstly, are you single or you have a family? If you have a family, do you plan to move them over with you? Having a family will vastly make Dubai more expensive for you as schooling is private and expensive. If you’ve moving as a single person, I would recommend a minimum salary of 10,000 AED per month in order to have a comfortable lifestyle and as a family a minimum of 25,000 AED per month.

Can any nationality move to Dubai?

There are no restrictions on what nationality can move to Dubai and you’ll find lots of different nationalities who reside here. There are some countries which for political or security reasons may be more difficult to get a visa approved however such as Iran.

How much should I save before I move to Dubai?

Firstly work out how much you will need to spend per month in Dubai. At the very minimum I would recommend to bring at least 3 months living costs with you but ideally 6 months, especially if you haven’t secured a job yet. If you have a secured a job than 3 months should give enough to pay for a housing deposit and other costs unless you’re taking a commission only sales role. In that case I’d recommend ideally 6 months.

After you’ve moved

I hope all the above information makes your move to Dubai as smooth as possible, if you have any questions feel free to reach out to my Instagram and I’ll be happy to help!

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