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Dubai travel restrictions since Covid

Although Covid now seems a distant memory, here are some common questions answered in case you’re concerned about it affecting your Dubai vacation.

Dubai has been one of the most open countries throughout the Covid pandemic. They had an initial short lockdown during the early stages however quickly re-opened to tourists before many other countries.

In 2023, all previous covid restrictions have been removed. There is no more testing, wear masks or any other type of restrictions on people entering Dubai or the UAE.

You can find more information here and keep up to date with any changes via the official Emirates website:
Emirates Entry Guidance for Covid 19

Dubai tourist entry requirements

Dubai also has the following entry requirements according to immigration to enter as a tourist:

  • Valid health or travel insurance that includes coverage for Covid 19
  • Return flight
  • Passport with a minimum validity of 6 months

Common questions about Visiting Dubai

How much does a Dubai tourist visa cost?

For many countries, Dubai offers a free on arrival tourist visa. These are valid between 30 to 180 days, depending on the country you are coming from. Some countries such as India, Pakistan and Philippines require a pre-arranged visa that costs from $10 USD up to $460 USD for a long term multiple entry visa.

For the full list of eligible countries, Etihad has the latest information in a very easy format and allows you to apply for a tourist or transit visa if you’re not from an eligible free on arrival visa.

Can I drink alcohol in Dubai?

Yes, you can drink alcohol in Dubai. You can purchase and enjoy an alcoholic drink at many locations across Dubai including hotels, bars, clubs, restaurants and in your hotel room. The only place not allowed is public spaces such as parks, outdoors etc It must be a licensed venue, hotel or private home. You can also buy from an off license to drink at your home or hotel with an alcohol license.

For more information on all the rules and regulations in regards to drinking in Dubai including how to get a tourist alcohol license if you want to buy alcohol from a shop outside of the airport, read my helpful full guide about alcohol in Dubai here.

Is it compulsory to wear hijab in Dubai?

There is no need to wear hijab in Dubai and in fact Dubai has never had any rules that visitors should wear hjiab. There is only one place where a hijab is needed and that’s if you decide to visit a mosque like Sheikh Zayed Grand mosque in Abu Dhabi.

For more information on what to wear in Dubai and where it’s appropriate to where certain outsides, make sure to check out my full article here “The Dubai Tourist Dress Code”

Who we recommend to use for your Dubai Vacation for unique places to stay

Get Your Guide for tours

When booking your hotel accommodation, has a wide arrange of different types of accommodation and makes using their website very easy

I particularly like to arrange their hotels available by “Best Reviewed and Lowest Price” so I can find the best hotels in terms of value

For tours and excursions, we highly recommend using Get Your Guide.

This is for a few different reasons:

  • They have good customer service & are easy to book
  • The offer a generous cancellation policy, allowing you to cancel up to 24 hours in advance without incurring a fee
  • They have a wide range of amazing tours, activities and excursions available
  • They are usually the best priced in Dubai compared to competitors

Hilton for hotel accommodation

Hilton has a good range of hotels for the majority of budgets and many hotels available internationally. Even their more affordable hotels have a luxury feel to them plus you get a free cookie when you check in for being a Hilton member! Yay!

There are a few advantages to booking directly through their website:

  • You earn points which are redeemable on future bookings.
  • They guarantee the best rate when you book direct.
  • For reward bookings you get the 5th free when you book 4 consequtive nights
  • You can earn Silver, Gold, or Diamon status the more nights you stay which gets free things like late check out and free breakfast

We’re constantly updating and adding more information about visiting Dubai, the best places to go, restaurants, general information and more! So make sure to bookmark this page and keep checking back for updates! I hope you have an amazing time in Dubai and enjoy all the many things Dubai has to offer

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