Dubai for women; 6 things you need to know

by Danni B

The Middle East has many stereotypes, making you wonder what is life really like in Dubai for women? How are women in Dubai treated? Can women in Dubai work and what is the office culture like for Dubai women?

I’ve lived both as a single female in Dubai, done solo female travel across the UAE and GCC, along with now life as a married woman in Dubai. So I can tell you from both perspectives what living in Dubai as a woman is truly like in Dubai. I’ve been here for nearly 10 years, crazy!

Dubai is an incredibly exciting destination for women of all backgrounds and ages. From its stunning beaches to its iconic skyline, there’s something amazing for everyone. Dubai is home to some of the world’s most luxurious shopping, thrilling nightlife, and plenty of activities that offer a taste of Middle Eastern culture.

So whether you’re looking for a new place to call home or just want to experience the sights and sounds of the city on your next vacation. Regardless of whether you’re a female American expat or British expat or whichever country you might be from! We’ve got you covered on what to expect if you choose to travel or live in Dubai! Plus the answers may surprise you!

Since I first moved to Dubai in 2013, I’ve experienced a lot over the years and seen the many ways in which Dubai has changed! So let’s get started.

Does Dubai have women’s rights?

So despite what you may have seen on the news or media, Dubai is an extremely safe space for women and has many laws that help with gender equality such as legally women must receive equal pay to men. There are also programs for Emirati women to help them start businesses and help more Emirati women to achieve senior positions in various fields.

Is it safe to travel to Dubai as a woman?

Yes, Dubai is extremely safe for women and is in fact safer than most Western countries and nations. You can happily travel solo as a female solo traveller in Dubai. It’s also been ranked as the world’s safest country for women to walk at night by Gallup’s Law and Order Report. Of course with any country, you should take precautions but Dubai has a very high safety index overall and low crime rates.

Can a woman drive in Dubai?

Yes women can drive in Dubai, both as residents or tourists and have always been able to drive in Dubai as a female! If you already have an existing license from the US, UK or other European countries. You can easily convert your driving license to a UAE license once you have your Emirates ID by taking a medical test and paying a fee. You’ll also find women only taxis with female taxi drivers available in Dubai.

Saudi Arabia is next door to UAE and they recently allowed women to drive in 2018, so that may be why there is some confusion over whether women can drive in the UAE!

What is life in Dubai as a woman like?

Life in Dubai as a woman can be like any other country you would expect in the West, you have the freedom to enjoy your life and work. There are many opportunities in the workplace and various activities for women. The sunny weather of Dubai is great to enjoy for most of the year and you can wear the typical outfits you would normally wear in a hot country.

For more information on the female dress code Dubai, check out my article covering what to wear where in Dubai!

What expat Dubai woman jobs are there?

Every job you can think of elsewhere in the world is available as a job for women in Dubai. So depending on your experience and sector, you can apply for similar roles to your home country. If you are moving with your husband and will be sponsored by him, then youn will need a No Objection Certificate (NOC) to work.

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Can females drink in Dubai?

can females drink in dubai

Yes females can drink in Dubai! The drinking laws of Dubai apply to both men and women equally. Tourists and residents regardless of gender can drink alcohol in Dubai. Surprisingly, Dubai can be very affordable for women, as you’ll find many venues participating in ladies nights where alcohol is either free or cheaper for women on selected nights.

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Dubai has something special in store for every female traveller. With its diverse population from around the world, friendly locals, and vibrant culture, there’s no better city in the world to explore as a woman than Dubai.

I hope this guide has helped you to feel more confident to travel to Dubai and what Dubai for women is like! So whether you’re considering to move or just want to enjoy an amazing vacation in Dubai! I wish you the best and safe travels!

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