Best Kunafa in Dubai; 9 of the absolute best places

by Danni B

If you’re searching for the best Kunafa in Dubai, then look no further! As an experienced foodie in Dubai who has explored many of the city’s eateries over the years. I’ve compiled a list of 9 places to satisfy your Kunafa cravings!

From the classic cheese-filled to more exotic flavours such as Lotus biscuit. These locations offer the most delicious Kunafa creations in all of Dubai. I’ve also included the prices for ease so you can know the Kunafa price in Dubai before you go.

(We also apologise for the future weight gain this list may cause)

So, whether you’re looking for the absolute best slice of kunafa or want to try this famous traditional Arabic dessert for the first time. This list will explain how each Kunafa shop stands out from its competitors.

So let’s get started!

Best Kunafa in Dubai Shops, Bakeries & Restaurants

Several shops claim to be the best Kunafa in Dubai but only nine can truly be considered the absolute best.

Disclaimer – Please note prices may change anytime, so please check directly with the restaurant!

1 – Ibsais Sweets – Jumeirah 3

Piece of kunafa served with cream on top and pistachios in Dubai on a disposable plate with a plastic spoon

Ibsais Sweets is the perfect place for those looking for traditional Kunafa desserts in Dubai. Their specialty is Nabulsi Kunafa, which is made with classic white cheese. The quality of their creations is top-notch and tastes as if Palestinian hands made it.

If you ask people in Dubai where to get the best kunafa, this one is always on the list!

Yet another small shop on the list but they are the best! There is limited seating. So if it’s busy, you’ll have to get your kunafa to take away. It is more popular for takeaways and delivery, so I’ve found seating isn’t usually an issue.

In addition to the Nabulsi Kunafa, they also have delicious Bain Narain Kunafa and other traditional treats. Prices are reasonable and their friendly staff make this spot one of the best for Kunafa in Dubai.

Key information & prices:

Location: B2 Mall, Jumeirah 3
Timing: 10 am till 12 am

Price: 40 AED for a small, 75 AED for 1 kg

2 – Something Baked – JLT & Business Bay

Something Baked in JLT is the perfect destination for those looking for a traditional yet modern bakery. Their menu features authentic Mana’eesh, Saj, Fatayer and Kunafa, of course! You can choose from either a small serving or a large 1kg portion.

All of their products are freshly baked to order and offer many gluten-free and vegan options too. This is the only gluten-free option on the list but sadly, the kunafa isn’t gluten-free. Only the dessert mana’eesh.

The shop is quite small in JLT, but there’s a decent amount of outside seating. I love to sit right by the relaxing water at JLT. I’m not fully sure if the Business Bay branch is delivery only, as I haven’t visited and couldn’t find any interior shots.

Prices are affordable too, making this one of the best spots for Kunafa in Dubai.

Key information & prices:

J2 Tower Cluster J, Jumeirah Lake Towers
RBC Tower B1, Marasai Drive, Business Bay
Timing: 8 am till 12 am

Price: 21 AED for 1 piece, 84 AED for 1 kg

Rating: 4.6 out of 5 (Business Bay Branch)

🍰 Order from Something Baked for delivery🍰

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

3 – Zaroob – Trade Center, Dubai Marina & Motor City

Two pieces of crunchy style kunafa on a ceramic plate with pistachio on top on a black table

Zaroob is an interesting place to enjoy Kunafa in Dubai. The restaurant has a unique decor and large outdoor area at their Trade Centre branch. One of the best things about Zaroob is that it’s open late for your late-night kunafa cravings!

The menu features classic and creative Arabian dishes, including Kunafa. Prices are reasonable, and the whole food menu is good. One small downside is serving it on plastic plates! (Though I did visit late at night, perhaps they use crockery in the day? Don’t judge me!)

This one isn’t as good as the two above, in my opinion, but it’s certainly a decent slice of kunafa! It’s one of the only places open even in the late hours of the night and early hours of the morning. So it has to be included on the list because who else will you give you Kunafa at 2 am? When those cravings hit!

Key information & prices:

Location: 1 Sheikh Zayed Road, Trade Center (Main Branch)
Timing: Open 24 hours

Price: 24 AED for 1 piece

Rating: 4.3 out of 5 (Dubai Marina Branch)

4 – Al Baba Sweets – Al Wasl & Al Barsha

A fresh soft piece of kunafa with its famous cheese pull from Al Baba Sweets in Dubai

Al Baba Sweets is one of Dubai’s best places to get Kunafa and other sweets. Located in Al Wasl and Al Barsha, they offer all kinds of sweet treats in a Lebanese style.

This Al Wasl location is a large branch with decent seating and nice decor. So if you want a place to sit and enjoy your kunafa. This is the ideal place. Their Al Safa branch is smaller but also has a decent amount of seating with modern decor. Funnily enough this is one is next to the Islamic center where I converted to Islam in Dubai.

Al Baba are a famous name in Lebanon and have branches there. Good service and good quality overall.

Key information & prices:

Location: Ground Floor, Auris Hotel Apartments Building, Al Barsha & 829 Al Wasl Road, Al Wasl.
Timing: 9 am till 9 pm (Al Barsha)

Price: 18 AED 1 piece, 100 AED per kg

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

🍰 Order from Al Baba Sweets for delivery🍰

5- Wafi Gourmet – Dubai Mall, Wafi Mall & Jumeirah

A whole kunafa baked in a kunafa shop in dubai before it has been cut

Of course, we had to include this option located in Dubai Mall for those wanting to enjoy some Kunafa after the excitement of wandering around Downtown Dubai. Their Dubai Mall location is a restaurant overlooking Dubai Fountain also, so you enjoy the music, water, and light show while you eat.

Their large Kunafa trays are visible in the restaurant. It’s also a grocery store, so if you live nearby you can take some home to enjoy or better yet order some to enjoy now. Overall, their Kunafa and other foods are really good but they are one of the priciest!

Key information & prices:

Location: Lower Ground Floor, Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai (Dubai Mall Location)
Timing: 10 am till 12 am

Prices: 34 AED for 1 piece

Rating: 4.1 out of 5

6 – Nablus Kunafa – Al Seef

Kunafa bicycle stand with two large plates of kunafa by Nablus Kunafa Dubai

Nablus Kunafa is a traditional Palestinian-style bakery located in the beautiful Al Seef. If you haven’t had a chance to walk around Al Seef, you must! All the buildings look like old traditional Dubai buildings. You’re also not far from the historical parts of Dubai and Meena Bazaar.

Nablus is a village in the West Bank of Palestine where Kunafa originated. So if you want fully authentic kunafa, this is your best place to visit. Many of the reviews describe it as the best kunafa they’ve every tasted.

The interiors are rustic to match the area and will make you feel as if you’ve been transported back in time.

They keep the kunafa classic, with the option being plain or served with ice cream. Prices are affordable and overall service is good.

Key information & prices:

Location: Al Seef Street, Al Hamriya
Timing: 2 pm till 12 am

Price: 22 AED for 1 portion

Rating: 4.2 out of 5

🍰 Order from Kullaj Omar for delivery🍰

7 – Rawabina Restaurant & Sweets – Umm Al Sheif

Large portion of kunafa in dubai served on a gold paper tray with sugar syruo and nut pieces

Rawabina Restaurant & Sweets is a Jordanian-style restaurant located in the Al Safa area of Dubai, close to Sheikh Zayed Road. The restaurant offers indoor and outdoor seating, making it ideal for those looking for a relaxed dining experience or a place to enjoy with friends.

Rawabina specializes in traditional Jordanian dishes, including Kunafa. Prices are fairly reasonable for the portion size and the staff are known for being friendly and helpful.

These have a large amount of seating and I found the staff super friendly when I went. It also gets very busy during lunchtime, from what I saw! Despite this, I found the service to still be fast. However, remember it may take a bit longer when they are busy!

Key information & prices:

Location: Sheikh Zayed Road, Umm Al Sheif
Timing: 8 am till 1 am

Price: 30 AED for 1 platter

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

8 – Feras Al Diyafa Sweets – Multiple locations

Feras Sweets is a popular shop in Dubai and across the UAE, renowned for its delicious Kunafa. it’s been established in the UAE since 1984. Its menu features classic Middle Eastern sweets and coffee, including a soft or hard Kunafa. Their hard Kunafa is the perfect amount of crispy, sweet and cheesy.

Prices are slightly higher than other places but worth it for the quality and taste offered. I definitely recommend trying them out!

Key information & prices:

Location: Discovery Gardens, Motor City, Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Barsha, Silicon Oasis, Garhoud, Al Warqa 1, Business Bay & Abu Hail (Plus across UAE)
Timing: 9 am till 12 am

Price: 24 AED for 1 piece, 90 AED for 1 kg

Rating: 4.2 out of 5

9 – Qwaider Al Nabulsi Sweets – Muraqqabat

Qwaider Al Nabulsi Sweets is a Middle Eastern sweet shop located in the Muraqqabat area of Dubai, specializing in Kunafa and other Middle Eastern sweets. They are known for their quality products and have unique flavours such as mango or banana which can be made to order. Customers can also choose from various Kunafa in classic flavours such as cream, cheese or pistachio.

The restaurant has a family-friendly atmosphere and is affordable.

Key information & prices:

Location: Al Muraqqabat Road, Muraqqabat
Timing: 8 am till 2am

Price: 17 AED for 1 piece, 65 AED for 1 kg

Rating: 4 out of 5

🍰 Order from Qwaider Sweets for delivery🍰

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So there you have it! The best places for Kunafa in Dubai.

If you plan to order and take your Kunafa home, microwaving it isn’t as good! I highly recommend heating it in a frying pan or a tray in the oven. It will yield a much tastier result! Keeping the vermicelli nice and crunchy.

However, the absolute best place to eat it is right in the shop when it’s the freshest.

If you want a delivery or to take some home, Ibsais is the best, and if you want somewhere authentic with cute decor, then head over to Nablus Kunafa. If you want a beautiful cafe to sit in with lovely modern interiors while you enjoy your kunafa with friends, then I highly recommend Al Baba.

If you want to order or want to know the best shop out of the list, it’s a close tie between Something Baked in JLT and Ibsais Sweets in Umm Suqeim. So you really can’t go wrong with either of these locations.

From classic flavours like cream and cheese to unique offerings such as Nutella and Lotus, there’s something here for everyone. So next time you crave this delicious Arabic dessert, try one (or more!) of these top-notch locations. Enjoy!

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What is Kunafa?

Kunafa is a beloved Middle Eastern dessert that has delighted the palate for centuries. Its sweet and cheesy flavours combine to create a symphony of nostalgia and contentment that will surely make you return for more. Seeing the magic cheese pull as it gets served is truly a mouth-watering moment! It’s no wonder the love for this delicious treat is as strong as ever, especially in Dubai. One of the city’s favourite indulgences.

Although you may find Kunafa served at Emirati food restaurants in Dubai due to its popularity, it is not an Emirati food! It is originally from Nablus in Palestine.

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