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The cheese pull trend has come to Dubai!

by Danni B

The year 2018 has been the year of the cheese pull trend! Check out #cheesepull on Instagram but be careful it’ll probably make you hungry! If you’re a foodie you’re probably already loving this trend and with the Middle East’s love of dairy, there are plenty of places to attempt your cheese pull. However, one place has won the best place to try this out of all of them and that is Say Chiizu!

So firstly what exactly is a cheese pull?

A cheese pull is when you attempt to make a really long string or strings from hot gooey cheese. Yummy and fun! It can be pulling a pizza slice or taking a bite from a cheese burger.

What is Chiizu?

Chiizu is actually the Japanese word for cheese and was modified from the original English word for Cheese. For those of you who have been to Japan or enjoy Japanese films, you may have noticed they commonly put a u or an o on English words to make it easier for Japanese pronunciation.

Say Chiizu’s original sandwich is called the Hokkaido Cheese Sandwich,  Hokkaido is the northernmost island of Japan, famous for it’s skiing and colder climate. They also produce 90% of Japanese natural cheeses but for us, this cheese is amazing for doing a cheese pull!

So you may be wondering why I’m speaking about Japanese cheese?

Well you can get this amazing cheese here in Dubai, just head to Downtown Dubai to attempt a cheese pull of your very own! You can check me eating their classic cheese sandwich below:

It’s not the easiest place to find, so I’ll have to give you some directions!

If you head out of Dubai Mall where the VIP valet parking is by the fountains (where Salt is, famous for their burgers – yes food is even useful for directions). Turn left and go up towards Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard. On your left as you get to the boulevard, you’ll see a few small food places which are inside shipping containers. Say Chizu is located there in a black container.

This is definitely one of my favourite recent discoveries in Dubai and the cheese toasty is as if you’re eating a Kunafa in toasty form! Definitely one to try for 2019!

Have you tried a cheese pull? What were your favourite food trends of 2018 and what do you think will be the next ones of 2019? Check out one of my most popular posts on how to do a Dubai visa run!

P.S – No I wasn’t paid for this and I bought my own sandwich. I just love cheese 😛

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